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Adhere to the first line of rubber and plastics machinery

Adhere to the first line of rubber and plastics machinery

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Adhere to the first line of rubber and plastics machinery

(Summary description)Inthecourseofmorethan20yearsofwork,hehasalwaysworkedinthefrontlineofenterprisetechnologyinnovation,engagedinthedevelopmentanddesignofrubberplasticmachineryproducts,presidedover,participatedinthedevelo

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In the course of more than 20 years of work, he has always worked in the front line of enterprise technology innovation, engaged in the development and design of rubber plastic machinery products, presided over, participated in the development of a series of nearly 30 specifications to fill the domestic gap, to achieve The new products of the international advanced level of similar products have made outstanding contributions to the company's product structure adjustment and technological progress.
As a main participant, Yang Yuren developed the sjsh-92×32 and sjl-f92 twin-screw plastic mixing and extrusion granulation unit. It is the only one in China that produces 10,000 tons of co-rotating twin-screw plastic for ethylene engineering. The mixing and squeezing granulating unit was awarded the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Machinery Industry Federation; participated in the development of sj-90×30a, sj-120×30, sjgm-f3500×3 plastic co-extrusion blow molding composite film unit, Through the ministerial appraisal, China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award.
As a technology leader of listed companies, Yang Yuren is actively committed to the company's product structure adjustment and technology upgrades. By developing new products across industries and cross-cutting areas, the company's market awareness has been enhanced, laying the foundation for the company's sustainable development and economic growth. He led the research team to complete the national "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" key research project - 200,000 tons / year polypropylene mixer press granulation unit technical breakthrough, completed the national "863" technology support project - 250,000 tons / year polyethylene The technical research of the mixer granulating unit and the completion of the 60,000 tons/year brominated butyl rubber post-processing production technology of Sinopec's key projects have created a good situation for the company and the petrochemical enterprises to cooperate in depth.
These projects have ended the passive situation of long-term dependence on imports by such units in China, filling the domestic gap and replacing imports. Now we have signed 9 sets of large-scale mixing and extrusion units of various specifications, which has added 480 million contracts to the company and become a new bright spot for the company's technological development and innovation. At present, the research team is leading the development of key new technical equipment of Sinopec Company - 1000 tons of aramid reactive extrusion unit.
Yang Yiren also attaches great importance to theoretical study and academic research. He has published papers in professional journals many times, and his "Development Status and Market Prospects of Geomembrane Blow Molding Units" was rated as an excellent paper for the National Rubber Plastics Technical Papers Conference; as a drafter First, drafted gb25431.2-2010 "Rubber Plastic Extruder and Extrusion Line Part 2: Safety Requirements for Die Face Pelletizer", jb/t6492-2001 "Conical Twin Screw Plastic Extruder" and many more National and machinery industry standards.
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